Dear Family, Friends, and Fans,
     If you haven’t already heard, we made it to the WFTDA championships! This is a huge accomplishment! We will be competing for the Division 2 championship title in St. Paul, Minnesota from November 6-8. But here’s the catch, we can’t make it there without YOU! And we only have one week to raise the money we need!
     Our team has overcome a lot to be where we are today. Last year we had a very hard season; played some of our hardest games, lost some of our veteran skaters, and at the end of the season we had to turn down our playoffs invite because we just couldn’t make it work financially. We were heartbroken, but at the beginning of this year we made a decision as a team: we were going to playoffs no matter what. At the beginning of this season a new Sacrificers team emerged, made up of veterans, new transfers, and up and coming rookies. Together we pushed ourselves harder than ever. We put our blood, sweat, and sometimes tears into our relentless pursuit of our goal, and it paid off. We placed second in our playoffs in Detroit and secured a spot at championships.
     Our performance shows that we put everything we had, both physically and mentally, into this season, but there is something else that we put into it, and that’s our own money. Being a competitive athlete is expensive, and playing a nontraditional sport and a women’s sport means that we don’t have big sponsors like football and basketball, but we have all the same costs. Uniforms, gear, travel costs (we went to LA, Oregon, Utah, and Detroit this season!), practice space rental, health and wellness appointments, and more. Each skater on our team has spent at least $3500 in pursuit of our goal this season. And while we wouldn’t change a thing, we won’t say it hasn’t been a financial hardship for our team.

     As we prepare for championships we have a lot on our minds, and we’d love it if, “How we were going to pay for this trip?” wasn’t one of them. If you could spare even $5 to help us get to St. Paul, we would be so grateful. We have some great reward levels! Thank you so much for your unconditional support and we hope to bring home the gold for you!Donate here->

Lots of Love,

     The Sacrificers and all of Sacred <3