Flocking Season has ended for 2017. Thank you for supporting Sacred!

The Sacred City Derby Girls warehouse has been overrun by flamingos! We have decided to share the love and send them out to our friends and supporters.

Would you like to send a flock to your friend, relative or enemy in the Sacramento area?

If yes, our Flocking Fiends can help you out!

Fill in this form and send the amount (depending on flock size) to
> http://www.paypal.me/sacredcityderbygirls; or
> Log into your own PayPal account and send to paypal@sacredcityderbygirls.com.

Be sure to mention “Flamingo Flock” in the notes!

Small Flock (12 Flamingos) – $15 Donation
Medium Flock (24 Flamingos) – $25 Donation
​​Large Flock (36 Flamingos) – $35 Donation
​​Super Size Flock (60 Flamingos) – $45 Donation

Flocks will nest in their yard for 2-4 days.

Already got flocked and want to send the flock to a friend or get the flock removed? Click here!

Want to ensure you don’t get flocked? Buy anti-flocking insurance by clicking here!