Tucson Roller Derby (TRD) will host eight roller derby teams and the Tucson Derby Brats (the nation’s FIRST junior roller derby league) to compete in TRD’s annual Dust Devil Tournament.

The tournament will take place over two days at the Tucson Indoor Sports Center (1065 W. Grant Rd) Tucson, AZ, over the weekend of April 1 & 2.

This year’s lineup features the following WFTDA leagues: Calgary Roller Derby Association (Calgary, AB, CA), Ithaca League of Women Rollers (Ithaca, NY), North Star Roller Girls (Minneapolis, MN), Oklahoma Victory Dolls (Oklahoma City, OK), Sac City Rollers (Sacramento, CA), Sacred City Derby Girls (Sacramento, CA), Wasatch Roller Derby (Salt Lake City, UT), and of course Tucson Roller Derby (Tucson, AZ). (Welcome, everyone!) This year’s schedule will again feature a series of match-ups amongst the eight teams that will be in Tucson for the weekend, plus an expo bout from the Tucson Derby Brats. Drop by any time and see a great game!

Date: Saturday and Sunday, April 1 & 2
Time: Doors open at 8:30 a.m.on Saturday & Sunday
Venue: Tucson Indoor Sports Center (1065 W. Grant Rd)


$12 advance per day ($20 advance for the whole weekend)
$15 per day at the door
$5 youth 10-17 (presale or at door, $10 youth weekend pass)
Kids under 10 free with purchase of adult ticket
You can also purchase a 10-entry punch ticket for $85 to use if you are coming with a large group (one punch will get in one person for the day, can also be purchased at the door and used at any other TRD home bout during the 2017 season).



Game 1 – 9am-10:30am: Calgary vs. Sacred (WFTDA Sanctioned)

Game 2 – 11-12:30pm: Tucson vs. Wasatch (WFTDA Sanctioned)

Game 3 – 1-2:30pm: North Star vs. Ithaca (WFTDA Sanctioned)

Game 4 – 3-3:30pm: Tucson Derby Brats (Junior Derby)

Game 5 – 4-5:30pm: Sac City vs. Oklahoma (WFTDA Sanctioned)

Game 6 – 6-7:30pm: Tucson vs. Calgary (WFTDA Sanctioned)

Game 7 – 8-9:30pm: Sacred vs. Wasatch (WFTDA Sanctioned)


Game 8 – 9-10:30am: Sac City vs. North Star (WFTDA Sanctioned)

Game 9 – 11-12:30pm: Okalahoma vs. Ithaca (WFTDA Sanctioned)

Game 10 – 1-2:30pm: Calgary vs. Wasatch (WFTDA Sanctioned)

Game 11 – 3-4:30pm: Tucson vs. Sacred (WFTDA Sanctioned)

Game 12 – 5-6:30pm: Sac City vs. Ithaca (WFTDA Sanctioned)

Game 13 – 7-8:30pm: Oklahoma vs. North Star (WFTDA Sanctioned)