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Clover Cup 2016: Sacrificers vs. Santa Cruz

In Sacred’s Sacrificers’ first game of the Clover Cup tournament they played Santa Cruz and took the win 193-155   Thank you Duane Baker, Ramos, Rene’s Signature


Trainwreckers vs. Donna Party in first home team game of 2016

The Trainwreckers defeated the Donna Party 201-194 in an exciting game with lots of lead changes. The warehouse was packed as our home team battled it out in the first out of 5 games of the season. Thanks Loni and DerbygeekFarms


Donna Party vs. Auburn Outlaws

One of our hometeams, The Donna Party, won 293-108 on the Auburn Outlaws’ turf. Check out the photos from the game Thanks goes to Ikona Photography


Sacrificers vs. Berkeley Resistance

Sacred’s Sacrificers played Bay Area’s Berkeley Resistance and Sacred won 341-64. It was an exciting game and we had a packed house. Check out photos from the day. Props to Ikona Photography for the fantastic photos!


Division 2 Championship game now on YouTube

The WFTDA Division 2 Championship game is now available on YouTube. Watch (or re-watch) our championship game  


WFTDA Division 2 Championships: Sacred vs. Nashville

Sacred’s Sacrificers faced off against Nashville for the Division 2 Championship title, and the Sacrificers emerged victorious. Here are all the photos that the wonderful photographers captured of that final game


WFTDA Division 2 Championships: Sacred vs. Kansas

Sacred played against Kansas City for a spot in the final Division 2 championship game at WFTDA Championships


Sacred vs. Kansas City in Championships game 1 now online

Thanks to, all of the championship games from day 1 and 2 are online on YouTube right now. On Friday 11/6 Sacred played their first game against the Kansas City Roller Warriors at the WFTDA Championships. If you want to watch the Division 2 championship game (and all of the games on the last […]


Home Team Championships! Donnas vs. Trainwreckers

The Donna Party played against the Roseville Trainwreckers for the 2015 home team championship, and the Donnas emerged victorious 144-144! Thank you Donnalee for the amazing photos!


Sacred’s Disciples win 2nd place at the Deep Blue Tournament

Each year the Disciples head off to Tahoe to play in Sierra Regional Roller Derby’s Deep Blue Tournament. This year we played against South Coast Roller Derby, Fresno Derby Alliance, Sierra Regional Roller Derby, Foothill Foxy Fliers, and SINtral Valley Derby Girls – all in one weekend! Thanks for all the tough competition. Unfortunately we lost […]