Disciples vs. Folsom Prison Bruisers

Sacred’s Disciples played against our cross-town rival, Sac City Roller‘s Folsom Prison Bruisers, in the Battle for Sacramento. It was a tough fight, but the Disciples emerged victorious with 182 points over the Bruisers’ 180 points. We send much love to Donalee Eiri for her magnificent photos.


Sacrificers vs. Capitol Punishers

The Sacrificers faced off against Sac City Rollers‘ Capitol Punishers in the Battle for Sacramento on October 18th 2014. Sacrificers won 203 to the Punishers’ 162 in the heated battle, proving that Sacramento is Sacred ground! Thank you Donalee Eiri and Russell Reno for the amazing photos.  


Photos from the Deep Blue Tourney

Our ever dedicated photographer, Donalee Eiri, headed up to Tahoe with us to document our amazing weekend of wins! Check out the photos from some of our bouts below. Thanks Donalee! Sacred vs. Inland ¬†Empire Derby Divas Sacred vs. Sierra Regional Roller Derby-Ladies of the Lake Sacred vs. Sac City Rollers Awards Ceremony  


Photos from the Santa Cruz Hellcats vs. Sacred City Derby Girls!

Thanks to Donalee Erie for her always amazing photos of our league! Click here for the Facebook album!