Become a Ref or NSOOfficialsFlyer

Roller derby is one of the most official heavy sports out there and we need your help! Each bout requires at least 6 on skates referees and up to a dozen non skating officials to have all the officials positions covered. Crazy right?! Becoming an official is a great way to be part of the derby community learn about roller derby. Our talented refs and NSOs will train you in the many officiating positions and our skater training program can help you with your skating skills. Officials can be any gender but must be 18 years or older.

Think you are ready to maintain order and lay down the law? Email our head ref at

Check out our current officials line up!

As a member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), Sacred plays by their official rule set. Want to learn more about WFTDA rules and the officials positions? Have a look at the resources below:

Officiating Positions

Referee Positions

Head Ref (1): Supervises the officiating.
Jam Ref (2): Watches each jammer exclusively. Scorekeepers.
Inside Pack Ref (1-2): Watches the main pack of blockers and pivots from the inside of the track.
Outside Pack Ref (2-3): Watches the main pack of blockers and pivots from the outside of the track.

Non-Skating Officials

Head NSO (1):Certifies stats results for submission to the WFTDA for ranking.
Jam Timer (1): Keeps 2 minute jam times and 30 second break times. Blows jam start whistle. Also keeps overall game time.
Penalty Box Timers (2-3): Keeps track of penalty times and notifies skaters when they can leave the box.
Penalty Tracker(1): Works closely with the Inside Whiteboard NSO to record the penalty type and when it happened.
Scorekeeper(2): Receives points per lap from the Jam Refs, keeps track of who is Lead Jammer, and records how each jam ends.
Scoreboard Operator (1): Runs the electronic scoreboard for the public.
Lineup Tracker (2): Records which skater is in each position each jam for computation of play time.