On the fence about tryouts? Here are some quick FAQs…

1. How old do I need to be? Am I too old? – You must be 18, bring an ID! There is no age limit for derby; we’ve seen some awesome 70 year old skaters!

2. I am too short/tall/thin/fat for derby? – Derby is an amazing sport where ALL body types are appreciated and needed! We have girls who are 4’11, 6’0, 100lbs, and 250+ lbs.

3. What should I bring/wear? – Wear cool (temperature not style =P) and comfy work out gear and socks! Bring water, your health insurance card (if you have one), and any derby gear you might already have.

4. I don’t have any gear, what now? – We will provide it for tryouts!

5. What will I be expected to do at tryouts? – You will be asked to show us your skating skills, as few or as many as you have. Don’t feel like you need to be a super star to try out, none of us were when we tried out!

6. I’m scared of getting hurt…I don’t know if I should try out? – Roller derby is a full contact sport, so bumps and bruises do happen. But when you start the training program we do everything to keep you safe and injury free. Also, if you want to avoid contact you can become a ref or a NSO. But lastly, don’t be afraid, there is way more fun in derby than injuries!

7. I’m not sure I want to play competitively, I really just want a fun exercise routine, is that an option? – Yes, our training program can prepare you to be the skater you want to be. Whether it’s striving to play on our nationally ranked travel teams or just having a fun place to get your sweat on every week.